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When you’re facing serious debt and are ready to file for bankruptcy, you need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to their clients. Since 1998, Stiberman Law has been dedicated to helping our clients navigate the bankruptcy process, achieve favorable outcomes, and move forward with confidence in their financial future.


Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for people with little to no expendable income to put toward a debt repayment plan but who still have significant debts. Often called a liquidation bankruptcy, you’ll report your creditors, income, and financial records in your paperwork which will be filed in bankruptcy court. At this point, an automatic stay goes into effect to halt all debt collection attempts, including wage garnishment, legal proceedings, and phone calls and letters from creditors.

Then the court will assign a bankruptcy trustee to your case. They will assess your personal property and gather your nonexempt assets, such as boats, secondary vehicles, jewelry, artwork, or valuable collections to sell for cash. The trustee will then use the proceeds to pay off your creditors, and any eligible, unsecured debt that has not been paid is discharged from your financial records, and you are absolved from repayment. Creditors can not come after you or contact you again once the debt has been discharged. From start to finish, your bankruptcy case will take between three and six months.

Stiberman Law has the experience and resources to resolve your legal challenges.

Eligible Debt

The following types of unsecured debts can be discharged during Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Payday loans
  • Old utility bills
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Tax debt (in some instances)
  • Vehicle repossession debts

Ineligible Debt

These types of debt are not eligible for a bankruptcy discharge:

    • Most student loans
    • Income tax or property tax debts (especially recent taxes)
    • Alimony
    • Child support
    • Civil judgments, such as fines or payments owed in a personal injury case.
    • Secured debts, such as your mortgage or car loan. Though if you are evicted, or your car is repossessed, any fees or debts related to those will be discharged.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney with Stiberman Law will do everything possible to help you keep your home, vehicle, and other property while having as much of your debt eliminated as possible so you can start over with a clean slate and a stable future.

Choosing Stiberman Law As Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Even though you do not legally require a Chapter 7 attorney to file bankruptcy for you, this is not a process you want to go through alone. From filling out paperwork correctly to fighting back against creditors, you need a legal advocate who will help you meet your goals and protect your best interests.

  • Your Free Consultation

    Before filing bankruptcy, we will sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss:

    • Your financial situation, including your income, belongings, unsecured debts and secured debts.
    • Paperwork we need to file, including your paycheck stubs, tax returns, and other supporting documents.
    • Your best options for debt relief, whether that’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy or another option
    • What debts are eligible and ineligible to be discharged.
    • What you can expect during the bankruptcy process.
    • Necessary information to use in your petition.
    • Fees, costs, and setting up an affordable monthly payment plan.
  • The Bankruptcy Process

    After your free consultation, we are with you at every step, including:

    • Filling out all necessary paperwork to file your bankruptcy petition.
    • Providing you with your legally required credit counseling.
    • Contacting creditors who have broken the automatic stay after filing begins.
    • Representing you in bankruptcy court when you go before the judge.
    • Attending hearings and meetings with creditors on your behalf.
    • Filling out exemption paperwork to protect your assets.

    At the completion of your bankruptcy case, you’ll receive a report that lists any debts that were not discharged or paid off from your bankruptcy, such as child support or student loan debt.

  • Why Choose Stiberman Law?

    We are committed to helping you achieve debt relief through a simple, quick bankruptcy process. With over three decades of experience and over 100 5-star reviews, you can feel confident that we will strive to meet your goals and help you secure a favorable outcome in your case.

    Worried about affording the fees? We offer $0 down solutions with low monthly payments so you get the legal representation and guidance you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We know you have questions and concerns. To help you better understand the process, we’re sharing some information related to our most frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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