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Retired veteran living in Homestead eliminates $58K in medical bills, credit card, and vehice repossession debt through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We’re a Homestead Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law firm with the experience and compassion to help. We help many clients in the Homestead, FL area discharge their unsecured debts and stop collection efforts from creditors. For example, our law firm was able to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for a Homestead client who had an estimate of $58K in Credit card debt, medical bills, repossessions and personal loans. Our client is a retired veteran with a fixed income and the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was able to provide the debt relief our client was looking for. Our office handled the process from start to finish until our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy client received his discharge. Call (954) 922-2283 to Schedule a Free Consultation.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 is bankruptcy that can immediate stop wage or bank garnishments, harassing collection calls, and eliminate most debt. Student loans, alimony, child support, and most taxes are non dischargeable.

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Robert Stiberman is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney with local expertise to serve your legal needs. Available for consultation in Homestead and surrounding areas.

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Many of our client's wages are being garnished, sometimes up to 25 of each paycheck. Take charge, call us and we'll evaluate your situation. Bankruptcy can immediately put an end to it.

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We offer affordable solutions to get your case filed. We have payment plans and can your case filed quickly. Financial Freedom is a call away.

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Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Homestead

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Common Issues facing our Chapter 7 Clients

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be an effective way to deal with these issues:

Wage Garnishment - Up to 25% of each paycheck in some cases. Put an end to it through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. We'll evaluate if you qualify during a free consultation.

Bank Foreclosure and Association Liens - Bankruptcy may be an effective way to deal with this issues and help you save your home. Our Homestead Bankruptcy attorney will over options you may have available based on your case.

High Vehicle Payments - At Stiberman Law we have helped many clients keep their cars lower their car payments.

Student Loan Debt - There's a new and exciting program in Bankruptcy that we have long anticipated. Now is the time. Call for a free consultation.


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