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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be the best option to get rid of harassing phone calls and embarrassing lawsuits. Get in touch with us today to know how it can help.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Also called a liquidation or straight bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be used to clear away a variety of unsecured debts.

When you file for this type of bankruptcy, the court will place an automatic but temporary stay on your existing debts. The process usually takes around 90 days and can be a reliable way to reset your finances.

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Robert Stiberman is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy serving the Kendall area. He has been in the business since 2007 and has handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases.

Here’s what we offer:

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How Stiberman Law Can Help Solve Your Debt Issues

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will put an immediate end to all Collections, Wage Garnishment, and lawsuits. We can file a request in just 24 hours to ensure your creditors stop harassing you right away.

This option offers long lasting results as creditors aren't allowed to bother you once a debt has been discharged.

Reliable and Affordable

We understand that you are filing for bankruptcy due to financial issues. Hence, we offer affordable plans and $0 down payment programs so you can go ahead with the process and pay our fees when feasible.

We'll evaluate your situation and work on a plan that works.

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Our Chapter 7 Lawyers In Kendall Can Help You

We’re a Kendall Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law firm serving Kendall and the surrounding areas.


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Our Kendall Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys can help you get out of financial hardship, We offer free consultations and can answer all your questions regarding the issue.

Who is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy For?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might be a suitable option for people facing these issues:

Collection Calls - We know collection calls can be harassing, intimidating, and often insulting. File for bankruptcy today to put an end to these.

Wage Garnishment - The law allows creditors to collect up to 25 percent of your paycheck to cover what you owe them. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help stop collectors from doing so.

Condominium or Mortgage Foreclosure - Bankruptcy can help save your home by stopping the foreclosure process or sale so you can find other options, such as participating in a Mortgage Mediation Modification Program.

Student Loan Debt - If you’re under student debt like 13 percent of students in the US then Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might be the answer.

Vehicle Payments - Unable to make vehicle loan payments? Bankruptcy might be the solution if you meet certain requirements.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Kendall Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer - Stiberman Law Firm

1 Get in touch with us to book your Free Consultation.

2 We’ll gather some basic information and go through your Credit Report.

3 Our experts will study your case and recommend Bankruptcy if it seems appropriate.

4 If you agree, we’ll start the paperwork.

5 We’ll file on your behalf, send a notification to your creditors, and take care of court proceedings.

When you work with us, you will have nothing to worry about as we’ll take care of everything. So give us a call today and start the process.

The First Consultation – What to Expect

We understand the first consultation can be a little intimidating. To make things easier, here’s what we’ll be discussing

1 Total costs and fees including our special $0 down options.

2 Timelines and how long the process may take.

3 Required information including your financial status.

4 Expected outcome and how it may impact your business or employment.

You will be allowed to ask any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us.

Kendall Chapter 7 Lawyer - Stiberman Law Firm


Frequently Asked Questions

Kendall Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What is the cost of filing bankruptcy?

The cost depends on several factors; however, our rates are affordable. Plus, we offer $0 down options. Call us today for a quote.

What do I have to list when I file for bankruptcy?

You must list all your debts and assets including all your credit cards and virtual assets.

Can I lose my home?

Florida has some exemptions like the homestead exemption that protect your assets.

What kind of debts can filing for bankruptcy eliminate?

It can help eliminate most debts including credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, lawsuits, repossessions, and wage garnishments.

Does it impact IRS Taxes and Student Loans?

Yes, starting May 2021, there's a Student Loan Program student. Moreover, IRS debt that is older than three years may also be dischargeable.

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