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At Stiberman Law, we have helped many clients in Miami discharge their unsecured debts and stop collection efforts from creditors through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Having a lawyer on your side with Chapter 7 experience can make a difference when it comes to filing paperwork correctly and getting an outcome that can help you improve your financial future.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Robert A. Stiberman. Attorney with over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy law.

  • People file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they want to:

    • Eliminate debts
    • Stop collection calls
    • Put an end to lawsuits
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy tends to be the most preferred because it is a quicker process compared to other forms of bankruptcy. It can also be less expensive. Many types of debts are forgiven when you file for bankruptcy. These include:

    • Credit card balances
    • Overdue utility payments
    • Medical bills
    • Personal loans
  • If you are willing to give up a house or car that secures a debt, you may also be able to eliminate mortgage or car payments. Debts that are typically not forgiven during Chapter 7 bankruptcy include:

    • Taxes
    • Student loans
    • Child support
    • Non-dischargeable debts

    At Stiberman Law, we can help you make sure that enough debt will be eliminated to make it worth filing for bankruptcy.

How Stiberman Law Can Help You With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

While you legally don’t have to have a lawyer to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Miami, it’s highly recommended. Your lawyer can help you navigate the process and advocate on your behalf.

When you hire a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, they can:

  • Answer specific questions about your case
  • Inform you about the paperwork you will need before your court date
  • Work to protect as many of your assets as possible
  • Appear in court to advocate for you against your debtors

When you hire Stiberman Law for your Chapter 7 case, you can expect a simple process:

  1. Evaluate whether Chapter 7 is the best route
  2. Perform a means test to determine eligibility
  3. Gather all necessary information and prepare your bankruptcy petition and schedules
  4. Review everything with you before you sign any paperwork
  5. File the case and attend all court hearings until the case is over.

With over 20 years of experience, Stiberman Law has helped countless people in Miami navigate through the bankruptcy process and regain the financial freedom they need to start over.

How Do I Qualify For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Miami?

To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy your family’s gross income has to be lower than the median income for the same size family in Florida. Chapter 7 can be a powerful tool when you have little or no assets and need to improve your financial situation.

How Long Does Chapter 7 Take?

While there is no set time, typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes 4-6 months from the time the case is filed to the final discharge of debts. If there are no assets involved, cases can usually be discharged in just several weeks. Cases with many assets can get complicated and take longer to resolve.

Common Issues Facing Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Clients

Through our experience with Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients, we have helped them navigate through several common issues. These include:

  • Wage Garnishment

    This is one of the most effective tools creditors use to collect a debt. They can go after your paycheck, sometimes taking up to 25%. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective way to stop this from happening.

  • Mortgage or Condominium Foreclosure

    Banks, private lenders, reverse mortgage companies, as well as condominium associations can try to foreclose on your home for non-payment.

  • Expensive Vehicle Payments

    Where applicable, you may be able to lower your vehicle payments through bankruptcy.

What Happens When I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Miami

What Happens When I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Miami?

Once you qualify for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Miami, the paperwork for the case can be filed. This paperwork needs to be filled out accurately and on time to avoid any delays.

During the Chapter 7 process, all attempts to collect a debt must stop. This means no more harassing calls from debtors. A bankruptcy trustee will gather your nonexempt valuable assets and will sell them to pay off as much debt as possible. Once this is done, any eligible debt is discharged.

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