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Bankruptcy isn’t talked about in a positive light despite offering several benefits. Every year, more than 1.5 million Americans file for bankruptcy. It is looked at as a reliable way to protect assets and stop harassing calls. However, very few people know how bankruptcy works and what benefits Chapter 7 offers.

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What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The process refers to liquidating assets to pay existing debts. However, it covers specific assets to protect the applicant.

The entire process can take up to 90 days. Once completed, the court typically places an automatic but temporary stay on one’s existing debts.

While you can file for this type of bankruptcy without hiring an attorney, we suggest that you work with a professional to save time and money.

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Stiberman Law is headed by Robert Stiberman, an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer.

Our practice is known for being one of the most well-recognized bankruptcy firms in Wellington. We offer free consultations to new clients and come with over 22 years of experience in the field.

Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. Plus, we are among the most affordable bankruptcy firms in South Florida with special $0 down options for people who cannot afford to pay upfront.

We cater to people in and around Wellington and offer help in both English and Spanish. Call (954) 922-2283 to know more.

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Debt can cause both mental and financial stress. Talk to us today for available options and know more about how Chapter 7 can help you.

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Who Should File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 can be a good option for people dealing with these issues:

Wage Garnishment resulting in you receiving less money.

Foreclosure risk due to not making timely payments.

Collection calls causing havoc.

Problems paying back your student loan debt.

Difficulty making vehicle payments.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

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At Stiberman Law, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible. We offer a 5-step procedure to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

1 Call (954) 922-2283 and get your Free Consultation.

2 Meet our experts and have a conversation about your case.

3 We’ll review your documents including your credit report and see if Chapter 7 suits you or not.

4 Our team will prepare a report and explain it to you.

5 Once we receive your approval, we’ll file on your behalf, submit all documents, and notify your creditors.

First Consultation - What Will Happen

During the first consultation, we’ll speak to you at length about bankruptcy and answer all your questions related to:

1 Timelines.

2 Costs.

3 Process.

4 Risks.

Use this opportunity to clear doubts and have a full understanding of how bankruptcy works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How much will I have to pay to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It can be hard to answer this question as the cost changes from city to city. We, however, are an affordable company and offer multiple packages including $0 down plans. Get in touch with us to get a quote.

Is it okay to not mention some of my assets?

No, it is not okay to hide any of your assets or liabilities.

Can I file for bankruptcy on my own?

Yes, you can, but having a professional by your side is recommended to ensure you make no mistakes and face no issues.

Can I Get Rid of Lawsuits By Filing Chapter 7?

Yes, you can get rid of a variety of lawsuits and debts by filing for bankruptcy. These include personal loans, credit card debt, student loans, medical bills, wage garnishments, and repossessions. However, there may be certain conditions.

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