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Are you struggling to pay your bills? Have you experienced an unexpected setback? If you are struggling with multiple types of debt (credit cards, car loans, medical bills, etc.), filing for Bankruptcy could make sense.

Stiberman Law has helped people just like you come up with a plan to tackle debt and rebuild.

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Robert Stiberman is a top rated Bankruptcy attorney serving in Florida. He is a member of the Florida Bar and admitted to practice in the Southern District of Florida. The Southern District of Florida has jurisdiction over Bankruptcy cases filed in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

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Stiberman Law is a law firm comprised of a team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys with a proven track record of working in the law industry. Our Florida Bankruptcy attorneys can help you find the best solution for you and your family. You can talk with a Bankruptcy lawyer for free by calling our compassionate team today. We’re standing by to help.

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No matter how difficult your situation may be, Stiberman Law has the resources and experience to manage your case.

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You may not have to file for bankruptcy. We can help you explore and understand all the options available to you. If you decide to file for bankruptcy in Hollywood, we will help you through the entire process.

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If you’re considering bankruptcy, contact us. We will take the time to explain your options so that you can make the right choice for you and your family.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Bankruptcy attorney?

A bankruptcy attorney is a licensed attorney admitted and permitted to practice in Federal Court in the district where the Bankruptcy is filed.

A bankruptcy lawyer can represent Debtors and Creditors in Consumer and Business Bankruptcies.

What does a Bankruptcy attorney do?

A bankruptcy attorney will advise a client on the advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy and whether Bankruptcy is recommended based on the Clients particular situation. Your bankruptcy attorney will discuss the different types of bankruptcy and a recommendation as to which Chapter is best. A bankruptcy attorney will review a client’s financial information including assets and liabilities and prepare and file the bankruptcy petition and schedules. Usually within 30 days of filing, your Bankruptcy attorney will accompany you, the Debtor, to the section 341 meeting of Creditors, and attend necessary court hearings.

What services does a Bankruptcy lawyer provide?

A bankruptcy lawyer will discuss your financial situation, your goals, and help you determine the best course of action. You will be provided a list of required bankruptcy paperwork, information on required credit counseling courses, and other requirements based on your particulars. The bankruptcy attorney will conduct a Means Test to determine whether you have disposable income to pay your debts, prepare you Bankruptcy petition and schedules, answer any questions you may have, and file your Bankruptcy petition. After the case is filed, the Bankruptcy attorney will attend (with you) the section 341 Meeting of Creditors, attend required court hearings, and represent you throughout your case. Please note that is not an exhaustive list of services provided but rather a summary.

Why hire a Bankruptcy attorney?

Experience matters as with any field of law. Bankruptcy has its unique set of rules and procedures which must be adhered to avoid costly financial mistakes and procedural pitfalls. Filing for Bankruptcy requires listing all your assets and all of your debts, which exemptions you intend to use to protect those assets, and how you are seeking to deal with the Debt. A Bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate the complexities of bankruptcy including what protections or exemptions may be available to protect your property and how to deal with debt secured by an asset. In addition, a bankruptcy attorney will advise of ongoing requirements and file all required paperwork in accordance with court guidelines to avoid an a dismissal of your case.

How much does it cost to hire a Bankruptcy attorney?

Most Bankruptcy attorneys offer an initial free consultation to discuss your situation as well as any fees and costs involved. Since most people seeking bankruptcy assistance are in financial distress, at Stiberman Law our fees are reasonable, we offer payment plans where possible as well as no money down bankruptcies. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney fees in South Florida range from $1000 to $3500 depending on the complexity of the case. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney fees are typically paid in the bankruptcy plan.

Do I need to hire a Bankruptcy attorney?

In consumer cases the short answer is that you are not obligated to have an attorney to file for Bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney is recommended to advice and guide you throughout the bankruptcy and help you avoid costly financial pitfalls, including the possible loss of assets.

How can I file Bankruptcy with no money?

In many instances you can file for Bankruptcy with no money down. Since most people seeking bankruptcy assistance are in financial distress, at Stiberman Law we offer no money down bankruptcies where possible as well as payment plans.

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Choosing a law firm to represent you is an important decision. I was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1998 after graduating from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 1996. I began my legal career as a volunteer attorney in the Miami Dade Public Defenders Office. I also worked as an associate for a firm in South Florida that handles real estate related matters. In 2007 I opened my own law practice and in 2009 I began to represent clients in Bankruptcy matters. I am admitted to the United States District Court for the Middle and Southern District of Florida. I invite you to compare my qualifications and experience to those of other attorneys you might be considering.

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