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Are you considering filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach? If you’re struggling to pay your bills, filing for bankruptcy could help. Many families get into debt through no fault of their own. Unexpected medical problems, corporate downsizing or an accident can leave you in a difficult financial position.

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Robert Stiberman is a top rated Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer serving West Palm Beach. His law firm, Stiberman Law, is comprised of a team of experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys with a proven track record of working in the law industry.

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If you need help settling your debts, or are unsure whether settlement negotiation is appropriate, our experienced West Palm Beach attorneys can provide you with legal advice after fully analyzing your situation.

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No matter how difficult your situation may be, Stiberman Law has the resources and experience to manage your case.

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Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys can help you decide whether you should really try to pay off your debts or whether you should do something else, such as file for bankruptcy, for example. The consultation is completely free.


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Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in West Palm Beach

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Depending on your specific circumstances, Chapter 7 may be the right solution for your financial problems in West Palm Beach. We can guide you through the choice and process.

At Stiberman Law, our lawyers want you to know all your options and the differences before you make a decision.

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If you owe a large amount of money on unsecured debts, contact us. We will take the time to explain your options so that you can make the right choice for you and your family.


Frequently Asked Questions

West Palm Beach Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Can I afford to hire a West Palm Beach Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer?

You do have the option to file for bankruptcy on your own. You will need to pay the filing fees to the court, as well as any fees charged by the trustee responsible for liquidating your assets and satisfying your creditors.

Stiberman Law has an entire team of bankruptcy experts. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every situation is unique. That’s why we help our clients take advantage of all of the options available to them.

When you hire Stiberman Law to handle your West Palm Beach bankruptcy filing, you can rest assured that the entire process is being managed by a team that cares about your financial future. Our clients know that all of their debts are being properly handled and every step is completed as efficiently as possible. By hiring a bankruptcy attorney to handle your filing, you can save yourself the hassle and aggravation of completing complex paperwork, meeting strict deadlines and appearing in court for every hearing.

Stiberman Law offers payment plans to make hiring a bankruptcy attorney more affordable. We know that this is a difficult time. Our goal is to help you get started on a better chapter in your life as quickly and easily as possible.

How much does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney cost in West Palm Beach?

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More than a decade of experience handling complex Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings in West Palm Beach.


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Get real answers to your West Palm Beach Chapter 7 Bankruptcy questions so you can make fully informed decisions.


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Our team has handled hundreds of bankruptcy filings in Florida. Every situation is unique. Relying on self-help tools, like a Google search, could mean that your bankruptcy filing is less effective. If you forget to account for all of your debts, or miss a deadline, you could end up spending a lot of time and money without getting out from under your creditors.

Let us help you understand your options. It all starts with a 100% free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney at Stiberman Law. We aren’t here to judge. We’re standing by to give you answers you can rely on.

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Trusted West Palm Beach Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer - Robert A. Stiberman

Robert A. Stiberman has protected thousands of financially distressed clients since 1998. He is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer skilled at making sure that you know and understand all of the available options concerning your debt.

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