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When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, any kind of cut can spell disaster for you and your family, so if you are contacted by a creditor threatening to garnish your wages or they already are, you need help from an experienced wage garnishment lawyer. At Stiberman Law, we can stop creditors from taking your hard-earned income and will help you take the right steps to achieve financial freedom. FREE CONSULTATION

Understanding Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment occurs when your employer withholds a portion of your wages to pay debts owed to creditors. In order for this to occur, your creditor, such as a credit card company or a collection agency, must sue you for the outstanding debt. If they receive a judgement against you, the creditor can then ask the court to issue a wage garnishment order.
There are some debts that don’t require a court order for garnishment to occur. This includes:

  • Unpaid taxes
  • Certain types of student loans
  • Back child support
  • Back alimony payments
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How Can a Wage Garnishment Lawyer Help You?

Having an attorney on your side to advocate on your behalf, negotiate with creditors, and help you navigate paperwork and legal documents related can lead to a more positive outcome.

Before Wage Garnishment Order Is Placed

If you receive notice that you are being sued or your paycheck will be garnished to pay an unsecured debt, like medical bills or an outstanding utility bill, speak with a wage garnishment lawyer in Florida to request a hearing. Often, your attorney will fight to prevent the garnishment order from being issued.

In some cases, they can negotiate a settlement, lower monthly payments, or other solutions to help you keep your income intact.

Before Wage Garnishment Goes Through

In some instances certain funds, wages, and property, even if deposited into a bank account, may be protected or exempt from garnishment. Florida Statues, 77.041, outlines the steps a judgment creditor must take to garnish your wages in Florida as well as available options to prevent the garnishment of your wages.

If you have had a judgement placed against you, time is of the essence to get an attorney on your side and help you stop the garnishment from taking effect. In Florida, you only have 20 days after an order is placed before your pay is garnished. During this time, your wage garnishment lawyer can help you look at potential exemptions and look for procedural mistakes in your case.

Stop Your Wages from Being Garnished

If your paycheck is already taking a hit or you don’t meet exemptions, filing for either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop all wage garnishment actions as well as any communications from creditors.



Why Choose Stiberman Law As Your Wage Garnishment Attorney?

Since 1998, we have been dedicated to helping our clients get out from under crushing debt and move forward with security and confidence. Our wage garnishment lawyers will offer you personalized guidance based on your unique situation, and we will put an end to creditors’ attempts to take your income.

We understand that you may feel you can’t afford a lawyer to represent you. However, we offer free initial consultations as well as affordable payment plans. We are dedicated to advocating on your behalf against predatory creditors and providing you with personalized, experience-based legal counsel.

Experienced Wage Garnishment Attorneys in Florida

Our experienced debt collection relief attorneys can put an end to actions by your creditors to get at your hard-earned money.
At Stiberman Law Firm, our work focuses on bankruptcy and debt solutions, so we know exactly what legal protection you can be granted under Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
With over 20 years of experience with bankruptcy law, we have filed thousands of bankruptcies and helped many people get a fresh start, regardless of their financial situation and the size of their debts.


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At Stiberman Law, our bankruptcy attorneys provide seasoned legal counseling on matters related to bankruptcy, including wage garnishment.

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