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If your wages have been garnished and you are overwhelmed by debt, we can probably help you. Fortunately, there are options open to you; legal options. To fully understand what those options are and which ones are best for you, we recommend that you contact an attorney at our firm. Call (954) 922-2283 to schedule a free consultation. Immediately our lawyers we will review the circumstances of your situation and determine the best option for you.

What is a Wage Garnishment?

In wage garnishment, creditors can legally require your employer to hand over part of your earnings to pay off your debts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fort Lauderdale Wage Garnishment

Is a court order necessary to garnish my wages?

In most cases, a creditor cannot garnish your wages without first obtaining a judgment against you. However, for some types of debt - such as child support or alimony debts, federal student loans or taxes - creditors do not have to go through the court system to get a wage garnishment.

How long can my creditors garnish my wages?

The creditor will continue to garnish your wages until you pay the debt in full or take some measure to stop the garnishment, such as claiming an exemption with the court.

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