Loan Modification

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Loan Modification

What is a loan modification?

Loan modification involves modifying the terms of the loan to reduce the payment, with the objective of providing relief to the debtor.

A loan modification is not for someone who simply wants a better interest rate. In that case, a refinance is a better option.

What are the Benefits of a Loan Modification?

Loan modification can change one or more of the terms of your loan to provide relief if you are financially stressed. There are several advantages to modifying an existing loan, including the following:

Reducing your interest rate

Changing a variable interest rate to a fixed one

Extending the term length

Mortgage Loan Modification

What is a mortgage loan modification?

Mortgage loan modification implies modifying the terms of the loan to reduce the payment so the customer can afford the home and stay in the home.

A borrower who is going through a temporary or sudden setback can request mortgage assistance. In some cases, a lower payment could help you get through a rough patch and avoid foreclosure.

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