A Stiberman Law foreclosure attorney can guide you and prepare a proactive plan based on your goals.


We take the guess work out of the equation.

Foreclosures; Loan Modifications; Principal Reductions

When most people buy a new home, the last thing they ever expect to contend with is foreclosure. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control can put you on the road to losing your home; nothing can exacerbate the process quite like being unaware of your rights. Banks and other lenders are bound by certain laws and regulations. As a borrower, you are entitled to certain rights – even in the event of a foreclosure.

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Watch Out For Scams

Under the guise of providing assistance, many fly-by-night companies seek to disenfranchise desperate homeowners. Separating legitimate organizations from scam-riddled ones can be nearly impossible for someone who is unversed in such scenarios, which is why legal assistance is never a bad idea. An experienced foreclosure lawyer can help you wade through the murky legal waters of mortgage foreclosure, allowing you to track down legitimate and reputable help that could help you stay in your home – or at least keep you from losing even more in the long run.

In Danger Of Losing Your Home? Heed This Advice

There are many key things to take into consideration when the possibility of foreclosure rears its head. At minimum, you should consider:

    • Retain the services of a foreclosure attorney who is experienced in foreclosure laws in your area.Such an individual can serve as the backbone of your efforts to find your way out of these dire circumstances.
    • Learn about the foreclosure process, from start to finish.Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for it – and can help you learn from the experience, as well.
    • Be proactive.The worst thing you can do when facing foreclosure is to simply throw up your hands and give up. Simply staying in touch with your bank or other lender – and looking over your options with an attorney – can work wonders.

A Stiberman Law foreclosure attorney can guide you and prepare a proactive plan based on your goals.

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