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Are you struggling to pay your bills? Have you experienced an unexpected financial setback? The Miami bankruptcy attorneys at Stiberman Law help people just like you come up with manageable debt relief solutions that help clients take control of their finances. At Stiberman Law, our bankruptcy attorneys understand that getting out of debt can feel like an impossible hurdle to overcome. Led by Robert Stiberman, an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Miami, Stiberman Law can help you file bankruptcy and find relief from debt. Call (954) 932-7804 to schedule a free consultation.


Understanding Personal Bankruptcy

When you can’t repay the debts you owe, bankruptcy may be a good option to help you find a fresh start. But filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision - and bankruptcy isn’t for everyone. Once you decide to file, you have to figure out which type of bankruptcy makes the most sense for your financial situation. There are two types of personal bankruptcy available: Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Stiberman Law can help guide you through the filing process.

Contact a Miami bankruptcy lawyer today for a free consultation and to explore debt relief solutions. We aren’t here to judge. We work hard to help families build a better future for themselves.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy deals with getting rid of unsecured debt including credit cards, personal loans, and medical bills. It’s best for people with minimal income and few liquid assets that are in debt and cannot pay off what they owe.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not include filing a plan of repayment. Instead, the bankruptcy trustee will inventory and sell any nonexempt assets that belonged to the debtor, like a vehicle, investments, and expensive jewelry, in order to settle creditor accounts. Eligible credit card debt, medical bills, or payday loans are discharged, meaning you are free from repayment.

In most cases, your primary residence will not be taken when filing for bankruptcy. However, you may lose equity in your home. If you are behind on your mortgage payment, the bank may choose to foreclose. That’s why it’s so important to maintain good financial standing with your mortgage.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to catch up on secured debts such as your home and vehicle while discharging any unsecured debt. This type of bankruptcy is also known as, “reorganization” bankruptcy because it allows people and businesses to reorganize their business affairs, debts, assets, and payments.

The process restructures debt into one payment that you will make to a trustee for 3-5 years. As long as you are able to maintain those Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments, then by the end of the period, your unsecured debts, including credit card and medical bills, will be discharged. Click to learn the pros and cons of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Top Rated Bankruptcy Attorney - Google Reviews

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In addition to helping our clients file bankruptcy, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Miami provide full-service debt relief solutions that will help you get back on track.

Debt Consolidation
in Miami, Fl

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers are trusted as some of the best resources for debt consolidation in Miami. Debt consolidation is a way to reduce interest rates and consolidate payments without filing for bankruptcy. Let our debt consolidation attorneys help you organize your debts and find a manageable repayment plan that is right for you.

Wage Garnishment
in Miami, Fl

Don’t let debt collectors take your hard-earned wages. Wage garnishment is the process in which a court orders a person’s employer to withhold their earnings for the repayment of their debt. Let our Miami wage garnishment lawyers fight for you to keep your paycheck! Our bankruptcy attorneys will work with you to stop wage garnishment so you can get back on track before getting cut off.

Student Loans
in Miami, Fl

You don’t have to struggle to make student loan payments. Our student loan lawyers can help you find the best solution for your student loan debt. Let us help you build a manageable student loan repayment plan that works for you. Our experienced Florida law firm is a trusted resource for helping manage student loan debt.

in Miami, Fl

Are you overwhelmed with finances and behind on your mortgage? Even if you’ve missed mortgage payments and are struggling to catch up, our foreclosure defense attorneys can help you reset missed payments or extend the foreclosure process to help you move forward. Don’t let creditors take your home. Contact our foreclosure attorneys in Florida.

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Why Choose Stiberman Law

Founded by Attorney Robert A. Stiberman in 1998, Stiberman Law focuses exclusively on personal bankruptcy work, specializing in chapter 13 and chapter 7 cases.

Our friendly, professional staff and bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and to help you avoid any potential pitfalls throughout the filing process.

We understand that this is an overwhelming process, and you may even be worried about the cost of filing for bankruptcy. That’s why we provide a free consultation, $0 down bankruptcies, and convenient payment options so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

Serving South Florida

We work with clients across the Miami metropolitan area, including:

Bankruptcy Case Study

We helped one of our clients who spent many years battling a medical condition eliminate roughly $65K of debt through filing for bankruptcy. This client spent years battling a life-threatening medical condition. As a result, she incurred thousands of dollars in medical and hospital bills.

After working with our bankruptcy attorneys, we were able to help her eliminate roughly $65K of credit card and medical debt through bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy law firm helped this client get rid of the burden of all of her unsecured debt so she could focus on her health. Additionally, she was able to eliminate her credit card debts and debts arising from returned leases.

If you’re in a similar situation, contact our bankruptcy attorneys today. Let’s work together to get you back in control of your financial situation. Call (954) 932-7804 to schedule a free consultation.

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Trusted Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer - Robert A. Stiberman

Founded by Attorney Robert A. Stiberman, Stiberman Law focuses exclusively on personal bankruptcy work, specializing in chapter 13 and chapter 7 cases. Our friendly, professional staff and attorneys have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and to help you avoid any potential pitfalls in the bankruptcy process. Since our inception, we have striven to help as many people as possible achieve a brighter financial future. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide much needed assistance to those community members who are unable to obtain it for themselves. Smart choices today can help you realize the future you deserve.

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